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Frequently Asked Questions
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1.1 Can you size my ring up or down?

Yes. If your ring is silver, gold, or platinum, we are able to size your ring up or down.

Prior to accepting a project we will review your item with you as some items may have item specific considerations. 

We are unable to resize alternative metals such as tungsten and titanium. 

1.2 Can you rhodium plate my item?

Yes, we offer rhodium plating services.  Rhodium plating will give an added brilliance to metals like white gold and platinum.  The length in which rhodium plating will last depends from one client to the next.  

1.3 I have many items and I'm looking to make something new, can you help?

Yes. Often clients have inherited items which aren't to their taste, or have broken items, which can be incorporated into a new creation, or applied as a credit against a new creation. 

1.4 I have a ring which I can't get off. Can you help?

Yes. We can cut off rings and adjust them to the correct size.